Sonos One not playing TuneIn Radio

  • 28 October 2017
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31 replies

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I recently purchased the Sonos One and have discovered that there seems to be a longstanding issue when trying to play BBC radio from Tunein using the Alexa app. (See the many 'comments' here: ).
The Sonos One app works fine if using Radioplayer to play the BBC stations but this service is not supported for use with the Alexa app.!! ( )
Very frustrating!
Sonos need to get this sorted quickly else they may end up with huge numbers of Sonos 'returns'
after Xmas !

All of your issues, which I must admit I haven't experienced, are aimed at Amazon - how can Sonos resolve them?
One of the big selling points of the Sonos One, as stressed by the Sonos rep when I purchased this unit from a very reputable high street store was that it could be used easily to play radio using Alexa voice controls and the free Tunein service.
If Sonos customers quickly find that this is not the case, they will not return the Sonos product to Amazon .... they will return the product to the Sonos retailer. Perhaps in my naivety I was thinking and hoping Sonos might have more clout with Amazon in getting the issue sorted than individuals seem to be having by giving Amazon poor reviews?
Ok so today I have no BBC radio playing on my Sonos One via Alexa or tune in - any clues? Other stations are fine like Beach House Radio
This is the current thread for this:
Same problem. Limited to radio as Spotify/Amazon worked.
Problem was app-related, limitations of Sonos hardware interoperability with Alexa
Fixed as follows.
1. Factory reset on Sonos One
2. Delete Alexa app from phone and any other app
3. Reboot phone
3. Reboot Sonos
4. Complete set-up via 'phone using Sonos app only.

Voice control perfectly, Sonos app controls device seamlessly- problem coming from "app confusion"
Alexa app not re-installed, Alexa works flawlessly. But you cannot add 'skills' so basic Alexa - pretty poor for price charged -but you get a voice controlled Sonos music player.
I'm still having the issue on 2 separate sites in the UK.
Site 1:
Request Radio 1,2,3,4,5 to play via/on alexa dot - no issues
Request Radio 1 to play on a remote speaker via alexa dot to Play3/Connect/Connect Amp - No issues
Request Radio 2,3,4,5 to play on a remote speaker via alexa dot to Play3/Connect/Connect Amp - confirms command but nothing plays.

Site 2: Only a Sonos One on this site.
Request Radio 1 to play - No issues
Request Radio 2,3,4,5 to play - confirms command but nothing plays.

All was working fine so i'm guessing it's still a service issue?