Sonos One Bugs

  • 24 October 2017
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I've finished setting up my Sonos One in the Foyer location, but it doesn't work other than as a Play:1 or an Echo with no ability to play music unless I use the Sonos App.

Steps: :"Alexa, what's the weather?"
Actual/Expected: Successfully provides weather.

Alexa, play Blondie in the Foyer.
Actual: "I couldn't find anything called Foyer. To check device or group name go to settings in the Alexa app"
Expected: Plays Blondie in the Sonos-defined Foyer. Also tried unsuccessfully with Sonos-defined Living Room and Master Bedroom which were long standing Sonos locations.

Steps: "Alexa, ask Sonos to play Blondie"
Actual: "Shuffling songs by Blondie on Ruth's Sonos One". No music plays, but it is clear Alexa knew where it should play it.
Expected: Music plays on Sonos One which is assigned to the Foyer location in Sonos.

Steps: "Alexa, play Blondie"
Actual: "Shuffling songs by Blondie". No music plays.
Expected: Music plays

Steps: "Alexa, next song."
Actual: I can change the playback mode only when music is playing."
Expected: If I could hear the music, I would expect the next song to play. Even in this case where I can't hear the music, I thought that since I executed play Blondie above, it thought it was playing something and that it would move to a new song that I just couldn't hear.

- open Alexa app
- Choose Ruth's Sonos One
- Use amazon music or other app to play music

Actual: No music plays.
Expected: Music selected on Alexa app plays. Note that this works successfully on our Echo and Echo Dot.

Some other notes. Many of the Alexa responses are cut off midstream and end with the bonk sound. To get the full responses above I had to try multiple times.

Note that using the Sonos app to select and play music works as it always did and I can select the Sonos One/Foyer, but even when done that way, no Alexa commands, e.g., "Next song" work as it doesn't realize its playing music.

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15 replies

Only had half an hour to try to set mine up but seems to be similar. Ask to play tunein radio and acknowledges my request but doesn’t play. Playing Apple Music via sonos app works fine.
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Hi guys, some really great Alexa and Sonos troubleshooting steps to start with here. I recommend starting with just telling your Sonos One "Alexa, discover devices."

Make sure that you have a service added as a default service in the Alexa app and that the same account is on your Sonos system. Currently, Spotify isn't supported through the Alexa on Sonos integration, though it's being worked on. So if you have Spotify set as a default, make sure there's a back up that works too.
I had similar issues in that Alexa said she was going to play music, but then nothing happened. I found that I needed to add the Sonos skill to the Alexa app and that has fixed it for the most part.
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lots of bugs myself:
- alexa play tunein: "resuming latest tuneIn, radio24, playing on sonos" -> then nothing happens. after a couple of tries it works though. seems pretty inconsistent behaviour.
I am amazon prime and Spotify premium customer. I also have installed the Sonos skill on the Alexa app and activated spoke shopping.
Still no music plays when I ask Alexa to do so...
@Ryan: The link posted above does not have any information on this topic.
Yeah, Same problems on mine. Also Flash Briefing does not work. I’ve tried disabling skill and then re-enabling again, but still does not work. Sports update does not work also. Tune-in does not work. Voice training does not work also. I’m never buying another Sonos product...
Flash Briefing is currently not working, but is a priority for Sonos. Look for it to work soon.
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@gross.wolfgang, that link should have some good steps to start with in general, but I'd suggest disabling the Alexa skill for Sonos, then re-enable it. Make sure you have your services added both in Sonos and in Alexa. Then discover devices and see how it does. If you'd like to submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and post your confirmation number, we can take a look here.

The best way to resolve this quickly is to give us a call on our support line and a technician will work with you live to see what's happening.

@jcclui, as jgatie said, some of those things are coming really soon. Flash Briefing and Sports too should be on soon. We're working on it.

The TuneIn should be working fine, so if you're still having trouble with that, it'd probably be best to give us a call on our support line.

Voice training is an Echo only feature right now, it's currently only available on certain Echo devices, not the Sonos One.
My Apple Calendar event times on Alexa are wrong. 3 hours off.
Have confirmed Alexa app correct location & time zone settings.
Only had half an hour to try to set mine up but seems to be similar. Ask to play tunein radio and acknowledges my request but doesn’t play. Playing Apple Music via sonos app works fine.. Not sure how, but went to work, came home and all now fine ?. All good now.
All 4 of my Sonos devices are "offline" according to Alexa. Doesn't recognise when music is playing, can't control music via voice. None of the remedies are working for me at all. It's basically a Play:1 that can tell me the weather or a joke atm. That's before even mentioning being slightly misled into thinking Spotify was already integrated... 😞
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Not sure how, but went to work, came home and all now fine ?. All good now.
Just a guess, but Alexa checks for new devices every couple hours (in addition to when you ask). It might have been that which brought them up.

All 4 of my Sonos devices are "offline" according to Alexa.
For the Sonos One's can you go into the Sonos app and under Settings turn off voice control? Then, disable the Alexa skill. Finally, re-enable both and then ask Alexa to discover devices.
Let us know how it goes.
If that fails, can you submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number?
Thanks Ryan S, still the same though after trying this again. Diagnostics conformation number 8009212
@Ryan S. I take it the lack of reply and loads of replies on other threads acknowledges that this particular issue is not currently fixable for me? All devices still offline according to Alexa. Been through the remedial steps endless times. Tried a sonos net connection, still the same. Seems to be something missing between Sonos and Alexa app. Never had an issue setting up a Sonos or Echo before. I fix IT issues for my job but this is making me feel like a right tech dumbass! Can't do anything to get it working. Did you check my diagnostics? Getting close to having to return the speaker unfortunately
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Sorry for the delay Butler11, I've looked over the diagnostic and replied to a different thread for you as well. I think it'd be best to work on this one live, so I'd advice that you give us a call on our support line.