Sonos One and Play 1 on S1 lack serious functionality with Alexa

  • 12 January 2021
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So a fan of Sonos, I brought voice controlled music via Alexa to my system, thanks to a ZP100 Connect. Amazing setup, and brought the flexible ability of inputting other music devices and Bluetooth into my Sonos system, no longer was I locked in by the app and my phone (or PC), and there was nothing I could not play over my Sonos System - TV, youtube, Alexa, iPlayer anything . It worked a charm….only now, all my Sonos Connects are moving to EoL

I wanted to reduce my devices (each room with an Alexa/echo, connect and 2 speakers, so swapping a Connect for a new Sonos One seemed like the answer, I shed an Alexa device and a Sonos connect ….just lose the ability to input other music but how horribly wrong am I.

Now, I have a Sonos One and a Play 1 next to each other, and I cannot pair them….rubbish meeting of my expectations but ok.

Plan B: just Group them together and sacrifice the fidelity you seem to get with a pairing…..WRONG….my previous setup with the Connect, I could shout “Alexa, Turn it down” and the rooms music would turn down on both speakers (as the volume is controlled by the Alexa device)...where as now, with this group set up, I do the same, and only the Sonos One turns down, leaving the play one blaring (really problematic when the Mrs is screaming at you for something)


Plan C: I thought that maybe with this new setup, I could at least pair the volume control, so when the volume turns down on the Sonos One, it would/could turn the Group down…..sadly, wrong again.

Final Problem: With this setup, I have lost the ability to stop a group of speakers playing, from another Alexa - not sure what this issue is, but before I could tell any alexa “stop bedroom” or “stop kitchen” if someone left music playing and wasnt there….with this setup, What you can do that, even if the Sonos One is streaming music to a group, stopping it only appears to stop the Sonos One speaker, not the Streaming, not the other speakers in the group….this is a bit of a deal breaker, but may need playing with.

My question is - Will Sonos give your loyal customers the ability to natively pair Play 1’s with Sonos Ones? OR as a work around, Will Sonos Give Alexa the ability to control Group Master Volume functionality (rather than just the speaker its playing on) or assigned to one particular device to control Group volumes, or finally, give me a much larger discount than upgrade offer of 15% to replace a speaker I do not need to, or want to replace….which might I add, feels very un-environmentally friendly.

to match my old setup (and actually limit my Sonos system) I need to send all my speakers back and replace with Sonos SLs

I have 5x Play 1s to replace - with the 10% off, that £760.75! AFTER discount!….very not cool, and I lose the ability to input other devices onto Sonos speakers, as well as break remote voice control

Very very disappointed customer….

What solutions can I try? else this Sonos One is heading back to you I’m afraid….not fit for purpose, as the application limits it.






1 reply

To resolve the majority of the issues you’ve raised (group volume/audio ducking etc), you perhaps need to read a little more about ‘Alexa ‘enabled’ Groups’ and Sonos… here are three links to perhaps get you started (in no particular order):