Sonos One alternate Alexa "wake word" change

  • 26 December 2017
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68 replies

Just wanted to register my complaint about the lack of wake words on Sonos One. I *hate* saying "Alexa."
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We haven't seen any changes to the Sonos / Alexa integration since launch. Assumption would be Amazon must not release updates except in mass - so we haven't seen any tweaks of the integration. They have to be still doing work on so I'm hoping for a mass update with these type issues fixed .... for me I do use wake word "alexa" but I don't like the ding sound the Sonos One makes when its listening.
Agreed! If I had to choose I may eliminate the “ding” before changing the wake word. Though I do prefer “Echo” to Alexa.
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I tried once changing my Alexa's to use "Computer" but it just didn't sound right without me having a British (French) accent.

I wish Amazon would pony up the cash to allow the Alexa voice to be switched to Majel Barrett - then I would have to change it.
I agree with other users that there should also be a "Sonos" wake word. The system works well but the ability to have this and the Amazon Echo in the same room but decide which device to use simply by voice would be great.
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A sonos wake word that directly tied to a speaker would be very cool.
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Just started my Sonos collection with a pair of One's but being unable to change the wake word is a big disappointment. We have Echos & dots around the house & intended to change the Sonos wake work to prevent clashes but sadly this does not seem possible yet. Is this something that is planned and if so when?
Sonos wake word would be Amazing.

I think Amazon are actually missing a trick with this one since it's showing their platform infrastructure to be lacking.

Voice AI has become a heavily competitive space, and Amazon need to be able to provide first class integration with their partners in order to maintain their head start.
I am also hugely disappointed by this, discovered only after purchase. It means that the integrated Sonos One solution is worse than the Echo Dot plus Play:1 solution for those of us who cannot and do not use the Alexa wake word elsewhere. This is a major let down - a first for me with Sonos.
I'm regretting my Sonos One purchase for this very reason. I have two Sonos One speakers mounted to the wall across from my television. You'd be amazed at how frequently words and sounds that remotely sound like the word "Alexa" cause the Alexa function to activate. Sonos or Amazon should offer a plethora of wake words from which users can choose. I'm sure many of my friends have been dissuaded from buying Sonos speakers for the same reason. This should be an easy fix. 😠
I would also like the ability to change the wake word
Yeah - I have a daughter called Alexa and I've just got her a Sonos One (rest of the house is "Echo") - please address!!
I'd really like to call my Alexa/Sonos One "Computer" so, I too, suggest a fix.

Plus I have a friend named Alexa, so when she comes over, I have to call her "Sonos One"
Just adding my voice to the thread. Would like to be able to change the wake word. Thanks Sonos
I have 6 Amazon Echo Dots throughout my house that I call "Echo". I bought a Sonos One but returned it immediately when I discovered that I could not change the wake word from "Alexa" to "Echo". I will buy Sonos One again immediately when this feature becomes available.
Ummm what do you mean I can’t change the wake word?!
Just got my Sonos One from Prime day.
Can’t believe this still isn’t fixed.
(Yes I mean fixed. This thing is broken without that basic functionality. Ok off to give my 3 star review on Amazon).
Yup ... my prime day Sonos One has an identity issue. All of our echos, dots and shows are “computer” (#llap) ... this really is a disappointing discovery!:@
I am a big Sonos fan and just replaced a speaker with Sonos One to accompany my two other echo dots. However, my devices all use “computer” as the wake word. This is a huge disappointment that I’m going to have to call it Alexa. I’ve already called it the wrong name several times. I was considering replacing all my speakers throughout the house with Sonos One but I think I’ll just buy more echo dots to plop on top of my speakers. Sorry, Sonos. Please fix this.
My Beam arrived today and sadly the same issue
I just plugged in my two Sonos Ones as surrounds to my playbar. I love being able to just say Play “artist” and it woks. Rather than play “artist” on family speakers.

But I need a different wake word. I have a Alexander, so it confuses it sometimes.

Please fix this Sonos.
Agreed. I usually do research, but I never expected this to be a problem. My hubby just picked up a Sonos One for our bedroom. We were going to move our Play:1 to bedroom and also move an Dot and setup a new pair in living room. I'm glad we didn't! The wake word is a total non-sequitur for me. Sonos speakers need to support changing wake word (and specifically, Amazon supported "computer") before I buy any more units. It is a bummer because we almost picked up the newer smaller sound bar for our secondary living room. For now, we're looking at just expanding use of dots/spots. We already have half a dozen. We just thought it would be nice to introduce some real music speakers (not keen on Amazon "quality" Echo units) in addition to the other one we bought for use as a SmartThings integrated announcement device.
I recently purchased the Sonos beam and really like the device. I have 3 echo dots and a Fire TV cube which is next to the beam. I don't want to have to call the cube Amazon and the rest of the Echo devices Alexia which can be confusing for the kids and adults. Please provide a simple way to change the Sonos wake word - How about calling is "Sonos".
I’d like to add my support for this feature please. My son is called Alex and the amount of times Alexa goes off unintentionally is driving everyone mad. Whilst Sonos don’t give away product release information it would be nice to know if they are aware of the demand and are at least looking into it
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Several months ago I purchased 2 of these never even thinking I could not change the name. Imagine the surprise I got when I went to go and do so. I thought it was me, that I was missing something so coming here to find out this is not even possible makes me want to give these back but I waited to long. What is the point of having these if they do not work the way the rest of my system works. BAD BAD BAD Sonos. Very disappointed. I don't care who is to blame for this, Amazon or Sonos. The bottom line is the product should really not have been released with this deal breaking caveat.
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Should not have been released? So the rest of us who prefer 'Alexa' should have not been able to purchase Sonos Ones until after you were satisfied? I agree this needs to be changed and soon, but come on ... it's not a 'deal-breaker' for the vast majority of users.