Sonos One Alexa skills: What works, what doesn’t

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Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback here! I just posted a message from our Alexa development team about some new Skills with full support for Sonos here.

Some of the ones you've mentioned here like Stitcher now should be fully up and running on Sonos One. not working.
Cat Sounds not working.

AnyPod working
Cat Sounds working
Radio Paradise working. Note: FLAC stream quality supported on Sonos One (but not on newer Echos).
Simple Radio working

The Jazz Groove and no longer report errors, but no sound.

Jazz FM working, but The Jazz Groove is much better, and commercial free. Please, Sonos, fix The Jazz Groove!
Any update on when will work with sonos play 1? Please fix ?
The Jazz Groove is finally working, as is Yay!


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