Sonos One: Alexa in Belgium

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Hi, what's the reason why Alexa isn't working in Belgium? I'm ok with using Alexa in English until there's support for Dutch. I would say the limitation is the language setting, not the country/location. Just enable Alexa for English in Belgium and I'll settle with that until Dutch is supported. I can read there's a workaround by actually registering the products in UK/US ... so this is kind of pushing people to register products in the wrong way to have features enabled. Can't follow the logic in this.

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@Edward R 

Hi, snevel. We're hard at work building up the Alexa Skill for Sonos while adding to it. When Alexa support is enabled in a new location, it takes some dedicated engineering work and testing to bring support to Sonos. We are committed to bringing Alexa voice control to Sonos in Belgium but don't have a timeline that we're ready to share just yet. Stay tuned for more.

This is very frustrating. Please explain the reason why are you limiting one of the main features of Sonos Beam (compatibility with Amazon Alexa) only to selected regions? What kind of “engineering work” is needed to turn it on in all regions? Of course I am not talking about other languages. English is fine.

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Hello Edward R - One year on and I have 4 Sonos ones now?  Do you have a timeline for Alexa voice control to Sonos in Belgium yet?

Just allow the collection between UK Alexa and Belgian addresses. It is just an easy software change.  All other arguments just illustrate a lack of respect for your customers.

You have a very loyal customer base. One which is very technology savvy. These “non-technical” reasons cause people to consider other alternatives.

You can’t be a tech player and then end innovation.


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I’m not sure Sonos is blocking anything. If Alexa is not officially enabled (by Amazon) in Belgium your problem is not with Sonos. As I understand work arounds (as mentioned above) ar available if you are willing to speak english to you Sonos. Another possibility would be installing Google Assistant which is officially available in Belgium I understand.