Sonos One, Alexa giving wrong local location

  • 25 October 2017
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Ask ‘Alexa’ the weather, my eco, dot, and tap say “ in Brunswick, the weather is”. Both of the new Sonos Ones say “in Brook Park the weather is”.

Alexa app is set up with the correct local address for both Sonos Ones, I don’t see anywhere in the sonos app to set a location. I think my internet provider is located in Brook Park (two towns over).

Any ideas on what’s going on? Or how th fix?

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8 replies

I would be pinging Amazon about that, probably. I wouldn't think Sonos is doing anything other than passing the voice command directly to the Amazon cloud interpreter, which would be responding. Can't imagine that they'd be modifying the location as you've indicated it in the app. But that's a guess on my part. Just doesn't make any sense for Sonos to make any adjustment to something that likely even isn't exposed to them.
In the Alexa App, go to Settings and select a SONOS ONE, Here you'll be able to change the location. Do this for both SONOS ONE's. Note that this update may not be immediately sent back to the Amazon servers. In my case I checked back about 20 minutes later and the new weather location was being used.

At initial setup the SONOS ONE's will use your router's IP address to look up your location. Unfortunately, this physical address is tied to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), not necessarily to your street address.
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Alexa on my Echo Dot's think I'm in the next village and no matter what I do she won't change here mind. I'm seriously going to have to move house!
I found the problem; the Alexa app has my sonos ones listed twice! Once by ‘Sonos One and 2nd Sonos One’, and also by what I named them ‘bedroom and livingroom’. The ‘bedroom and livingroom had the correct addresses. The ‘Sonos One and 2nd Sonos One’ had the wrong addresses. Thanks for the reply’s and suggestions.
My Alexa app keeps responding cant change the address at the present time please check internet settings?
My Alexa app keeps responding cant change the address at the present time please check internet settings?
There are two entries in the Alexa settings, one is the Sonos Speaker and the other is the built in Alexa part of the speaker... find the second entry in Amazon App settings (the Alexa part of the device) and you should be able to set the location in there instead.

(The Alexa part of the Sonos device now usually shows the word 'online' next to its name ... Hope that helps you to identify the correct entry in the Alexa settings.)
No there's no entry for 'online' I have listed: Lounge, (which is the offending Sonos Beam/Alexa the thinks it lives the other side of the country) Echo dot, fire stick, 2nd fire stick, m's Alexa apps and this device. Nothing listed as 'online' Any ideas please? Thanks
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Can you open the browser version of the Alexa App ( and select Smart Home>Devices. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click 'Discover'

Now select 'Settings' and under the Devices list you should see your Echo Dot, Fire Sticks and two entries for your Sonos Beam (One will be called the same as your Sonos One and the other will be called {Your Name} Beam. As Ken says, under this latter item, it should say beneath it either off-line or on-line. Please select this device and enter the Device Location.

If you still have problems, then please open the and log in. Can you check that address recorded within your Profile is correct? If you need change it, then please try the steps in the previous paragraph again.