Sonos one Alexa app not available in Singapore?

Hi I just got the Sono one but the Voice command cannot be connected. Does it mean Alexa is not available in Singapore?

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Yes, at current Alexa for Sonos is only available in the USA, UK, and Germany. Alexa in general is only available in these countries:
I have the same situation in Argentina. This is really disappointing. I can use Alexa here, and I can use my other Sonos here, but I can't use Alexa on the Sonos. I can understand not making other languages availalbe, but speaking English in another country should pose no problems with the service.
I feel cheated by Sonos as the sales person told me that Alexa is coming on Feb/Mar 2018 to Singapore. That's why I bought the SONOS One, however Feb and Mar come and went, still no Alexa. In addition, Singtel Comcenter is promoting SONOS ONE with Alexa, however there is in fact no Alexa in Singapore for SONOS ONE. :@
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@EnviousPaladin See below amigo. Get yourself a nice cold 'kopi o peng' and follow my little 'hypothetical' guide. Should keep you going until 'team Bezos' rolls out Alexa in the reddot.

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