Sonos Beam Won’t turn TV on or off via Alexa

  • 8 February 2019
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I’ve had a Beam since Dec with no problem. However since the middle of this week Alexa won’t turn tv on or off . It replies TV isn’t responding please check it’s network or power supply. All other functions work fine ie volume etc
And Alexa responds to questions as normal. I’ve messaged Sonos and rung them. I’ve rung Panasonic as well. I have a Panasonic TX 40EX600B. Sonos told me to check with them where my Auto power on function was but Panasonic tell me that there is not one on my Tv. Vierra settings are on and correct according to Sonos and Panasonic. I’m at my wits end.. can anyone please help. . Sonos were not very helpful when I rang them yesterday.

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9 replies

Power off (not standby) both devices, disconnect the HDMI cable from TV, give it a minute and power on again and connect the HDMI again to renew the handshake. Check your TV Settings (VIERA Link or HDAVI Control or EZ-Sync - depending on TV model) is turned on... and that the output is set to Dolby Digital.

Then see if that works.
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Hi Ken
Thanks for your reply. I’ve done that several times but still no joy I’m afraid
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Sorry meant to add that I don’t think this tv has Dolby Digital function
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Hi, churchcottage. I think this goes slightly beyond the realm of standard Alexa issues, however, the common advice is to open the Alexa App and remove the Sonos Skill and then re-Enable. If that doesn’t work, we generally recommend seeing this thread here.

I do have to side with our support agents on this one, in saying that it sounds like the issue is on the television side of things. What advice did Panasonic give you, beyond what your TV cannot do?
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They said it was set up correctly and suggested that I unplug everything etc as suggested above
Sorry meant to add that I don’t think this tv has Dolby Digital function
According to the online manual it does support DD5.1 surround sound...?
This is the link to the manual I found online...
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Thanks I’ll have a look at that
You can prob tell that I’m not very tech savvy

Also look at this in the ehelp manual installed on your TV ... 'viera hdavi' needs to be enabled, if you have not done that already:

At least that’s how I read things. I don’t own a Panasonic TV, but that looks like their CEC controls to me... it’s not clear though if the TV has the facility to power off/on the TV, but try it and see. If it still fails, I would take Edwards advice and remove/reinstall the Sonos Skill, but all said and done, I suspect this is likely to be Panasonic’s issue, rather than a Sonos issue.