Sonos Beam won't turn Samsung tv on or off

My Beam won't turn my tv (Samsung UE55JU6800) on or off via Alexa voice command.

Voice command works for other functions (volume adjust, mute etc) its just the on/off that isn't working.

When I say "Alexa turn TV off" the response is I cannot find a device named TV.

I've reviewed other threads and have tried:

- Unplugging my other HDMI devices which my have been confusing the TV
- Turned on Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) in the TV's settings
- Selected Yes for Auto Turn Off in the TV's settings
- Tried selecting Soos Beam as the Source on TV and whilst I get the Sonos screensaver I still cannot turn tv off

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there, carlh365. Are you still having trouble with this? When I take a look at the voice commands for turning off a connected TV, it seems like the verbiage is "Alexa, turn off the TV". I think the way Alexa heard your previous voice command was to turn the device "TV" off. Which it likely could not find a smart home device called TV.

Let us know if you find this helpful. Thanks!


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