Sonos Beam Turn on TV Philips

  • 1 November 2018
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I am the happy owner of a Sonos Beam and a Philips TV 48PFS8109. Everything is setup with CEC Enabling+ Easylink like in this thread:

I can control the command "turn off bedroom TV" with Alexa and it works perfect.

The problem arise when I try the command: "Turn Bedroom TV on", I see the red LED light on the TV turn off, just like clicking the remote control. After 3 seconds the LED just turns red again.

I find this really weird because if I'm trying to cast to my chrome cast, the TV turns on immediately. I have tried disconnecting the Chrome cast to see if it was interrupting the CEC connection. But this is not the case.

Any good suggestions?

Br. Kasper

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3 replies


When the TV almost immediately shuts down, is the selected source active? If nothing is active, I'm not surprised if the TV simply decides "nevermind" and shuts down, however, I am a little surprised if the selected source is CEC enabled and does not start up.
When the TV shuts down, the selected source is set to TV cable (not the Sonos Beam nor Chrome cast HDMI). The Sonos Beam is of cause powered on always.
It's like the signal from the Beam to TV is not triggered long enough. The TV receives a information package command from the Beam but ignores it. Please find video example here:
Power off:
Power on:
Do you know if CEC is enabled for the cable box? If you first force the cable box to be ON before giving the Alexa command to the TV, will the TV remain ON?