Sonos Beam ducking TV input if in-built Alexa is off

  • 10 January 2021
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I’ve had the in-built Alexa feature on the Beam for a couple of months and even if it’s not too bad, I don’t think the mics are as good as my Echo. 

She misunderstands commands too often, for example last time I said “play the tv” she understood “play Disney” and started playing a random Disney song.

It’s infuriating as it happens very often and I always have to switch the input from music back to TV.

When I listen back to the Alexa audio recordings in the Alexa app History, that’s how I know she gets the commands wrong and the playback sounds very muffled. I’m not surprised she gets confused, the mics don’t seem that good. I live in a small-sized living room sitting about 3m away from the Beam, on a tv stand below ear level.

Now what I’m looking for is turn off Alexa on the Beam but keep the ducking function as I quite like it and it’s the only reason I’m not using the Echo, because with the TV playing in the background it can’t hear commands well.

The other day I came to know it's possible to create a group with my Echo and the Beam as preferred speaker, turn off Alexa on the Beam and it will duck the Beam.

It seems to work on music but not TV input. Am I right? Is this the normal behaviour?


If it is do you think they will ever apply it to TV input if Alexa is removed from the Beam? 


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Yes, that is working as designed. I haven't heard anything about this being reconsidered.