Sonos Beam and Alexa Voice Commands

  • 19 July 2018
  • 4 replies

Alexa will play music on Sonos Beam but she won't pause or stop the music.

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4 replies

Update: Using Alexa on my Sonos Beam I can both play and stop music on all my other Sonos devices(Three different Play1's) and this works consistently. What I seem to be experiencing is an inconsistent execution of command when attempting to play and stop music to my Beam. At the present moment I can now stop the music but cannot play the music. Alexa on Beam says, "resuming spotify on TV Room" (where TV Room is of course my Beam). So of course my problem has effectively reversed itself. Very confusing and frustrating.
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Can you try Disabling the Sonos Skill in the Alexa App and then Enable again.
I did that and at first nothing changed. Then as random as my issues have been, all of sudden it started working. I have no idea what I did though. So unfortunately I can't help anyone.
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Same issue here. At the moment it will play but won't stop or pause. And it now won't switch back to TV when I ask anymore.