Sonos Beam and Alexa Routine for Ring DoorBell

  • 2 October 2018
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Hello, I have a Sonos Beam (Alexa built-in) and a Ring Video Door Bell at Home. I have added the Sonos and Ring Skills, and Alexa can see my Ring Video Door Bell as : a) a Camera and b) a "Motion Sensor", which is perfectly fine.
I understand that Ring Skills (for video) work only for Echo Show or Fire TV, so I am trying to use the "Motion Sensor" capability of my Ring Doorbell via an Alexa Routine like follows:
1) WHEN "device" (ring doorbell motion sensor) DETECTED MOVEMENT THEN Alex Say "Intruder"
But when trying to create the Routine, the save will fail because Alexa couldn't find any audio device.

How is that possible if Alexa lives "inside" de "Audio Device" SONOS BEAM?
Any help will be appreciated!

Best answer by melvimbe 2 October 2018, 22:34

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3 replies

The reason is that there are 'Echo devices' and 'Alexa enabled devices', and certain features only work on echo devices. This is one of those features that only appears to work on echos.

I just did a test to confirm this and yes, I can run the same routine you were doing on the couple of echos I have, but none of the sonos devices, the ecobee thermostat (w/Alexa), or the fire tvs (except the fire tv cube).

I don't know if Amazon intentionally left certain features for it's own echos exclusively, if there were hardware constraints, or something of that nature. I do wish that marketing folks had coming up with more distinct naming conventions so customers could get a better understanding of what exactly they are buying.
Hello Danny/melvimbre
Thanks a lot for your help, this really clarifies my problem and unfortunately will have to wait for some future feature fix.
best regards!
I have sonos beam with alexa enabled, ring doorbell pro, and firestick 4k. I also have a harmony remote which has watch TV activity that turns on firestick and Toshiba TV and firestick . I had 2 firesticks and had issues initially with alexa complaining no video skills, the device doesn't support this when I search for programs on netfix or checking front door camera.

I managed to remove duplicate devices from amazon account specially firetv related then I went to alexa app after adding ring skill, settings & video option then unlike dmy old firestick and linked my firestick 4k with sonos as audio and then when I say show front door it comes up on the TV screen and if I say search a TV programme on netflix it works as well.