Sonos Arc not compatible with Alexa speaker group

  • 12 June 2020
  • 2 replies

I was very excited to receive my new Sonos Arc yesterday, it is my 1st Sonos product!  The unpack and install was effortless.  The sound quality was amazing when listening to music and also produced outstanding surround effects with a dolby atmos rated movie.

However, my proud purchase quickly turned sour when I was unable to integrate the arc with my existing Alexa speaker group.

I read a few articles prior to purchasing the arc that ultimately misled me as they all stated the arc would integrate with Alexa groups, which is true - it does integrate with groups but it doesnt integrate with “speaker" groups!

Has anyone else run into this issue with either the arc or other sonos product?  If so, is there a known work around?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I do not want to return this product but would be forced to do so if it cannot work with the rest of my speaker group.

Regards, Chris



2 replies

No, there is no way to play Sonos devices and Echo devices together in sync.  

Hi.  Sonos don’t really make speakers, they make multiroom / whole home audio systems designed to sync together.  To this they have added voice control - using Alexa or Google Assistant. But Sonos is a complete, integrated system, not designed to sync with other speakers.  For multiroom you really need to go all-in with Sonos, or not at all.