Sonos Arc - Alexa will not turn on or off TV (Vizio)

  • 27 July 2020
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Hi Everyone,

I have a few Sonos products in my home including the new Arc, however, I’m having trouble having Alexa turn on and off the TV. I have the arc plugged into the ARC HDMI and when I set my beam up it just automatically synced and worked.  

Now if I ask Alexa to turn off the TV (basement) it turns off the Living Room TV that is connected by the beam.  But it won’t turn off or on the basement TV.  Otherwise everything works.  The TV is a vizio is that matters.  

4 replies

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So you must have two Sonos TV Control’s, right? Have you added them to the right rooms? Given them different names?

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Funnily enough, I am having the same issue seemed to have started within the last week.


Arc in the living room has stopped being able to turn the Samsung TV on / Off.


i have been playing around trying to fix it by deleting and adding the TV back into Alexa App.


The Beam in the Guestroom will switch the TV on and off fine.


Livingroom TV in Alexa is called “TV”

Guestroom TV in Alexa is called “Guestroom TV”


Really odd that it stopped working and I can’t get it back, might have to try deleting and re adding the Sonos Skill next

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oddly just tested this again and it WILL turn the TV on, but not OFF

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oddly just tested this again and it WILL turn the TV on, but not OFF

I have an older LG TV that only turns on with CEC, not off. I took a look at the CEC data, and the TV simply refuses the Off command (it returns a cancel packet to the command).