Sonos, Amazon Alexa, Samsung TV

  • 20 January 2024
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I have Sonos Move speakers (connected to sonos app), Samsung UE665 Series 8 TV, Amazon Alexa, Smartthings app, Vizio soundbar connected to optical on tv.  I’ve read other threads but end up going down the rabbit hole.  So I’m asking for my specific scenario. 
1. Can Alexa control the Sonos speakers, like the volumn, turn on/off?
2. How do I connect the Samsung TV to Sonos. Samsung doesn't have an app for sonos (at least mine doesn't)?
I probably will have other follow up questions, but I'll start here.


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1 reply

  1. If set up properly, Alexa can control the volume of your Sonos devices. You will not be able to connect them to your Vizio soundbar, however. 
  2. The Sonos Move isn’t a home theater speaker. It can’t be connected to a Sonos Home Theater setup, for instance, most likely due to its mobile nature. Or to your Samsung or Vizio soundbar.

In order to connect your Samsung to a Sonos Home Theater ‘system’, you’d need to get a Sonos soundbar (the Ray, the Beam, or the Arc, and then optionally, a pair of Sonos speakers (not mobile) for surrounds and either a mini-Sub, a regular Sub, or two of the regular Subs.