Sonos/Alexa ONLY plays on Sonos Everywhere

  • 2 January 2022
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So I have 3 areas Sonos1, Sonos2, Sonos3 and have grouped the 3 areas into Sonos Everywhere. I have 3 services I use (Pandora, XM, Spotify) I have been able to control everything through Alexa (Alexa play Pandora on Sonos3) and everything worked fine for the last couple years. Now when i tell Alexa to play Pandora on Sonos3 she says “music group name” is playing on Pandora (or any other music service) on Sonos3 (or either of the other 2 areas) and nothing plays. If I say to play on Sonos Everywhere it plays fine. 


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Can you maybe screenshot your three Amazon Alexa ‘enabled’ groups and in each group, below it’s list of ‘preferred’ speakers, show/mention the ‘playback option’ that you have chosen to set for each group.

See ‘example’ screenshot attached to see where to check the group’s playback option in the Amazon App. I just want to know if this is set to ‘Always’? I can then maybe offer some suggestions for you to perhaps try.🤞