Sonos Alexa and Spotify not working. At all.

  • 7 February 2019
  • 3 replies

I'm re-posting this in the hope that someone may have a clue to the solution, please.
Having been very disappointed to find that there is no Alexa link to my music library, I was hoping that Spotify would give my wife an easy way of playing the music she enjoys. Instead this is proving very frustrating.
Alexa on my Sonos One will not play music from Spotify. It responds "to play music from Spotify link your premium account first using the Alexa app"
I have a Spotify "premium account" in its trial period so haven't paid anything yet.
All Sonos devices are listed in the Alexa app: playing radio works OK
Spotify is set as the default music service in the Alexa app
Sonos skill is enabled
Do they both have to be registered to the same e-mail address?
Do I have to wait until I'm paying for Spotify?
Another answer?
Thank you

3 replies

You mention that your Spotify account is linked to Alexa, but you don't mention having added Spotify to Sonos. Have you? Does Spotify play from the Sonos app? It should certainly work in a trial period.
Thank you John B. Yes, Spotify plays from the Sonos app on my 'phone.
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Some people have reported issues where they are not linked to the same email address.


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