Sonos, Alexa and local NAS stored music

  • 5 October 2017
  • 77 replies

I am impressed with the Alexa / Sonos release yesterday and am pleased to see that it will develop. I know two other people with SONOS systems, and we all play music from a local NAS. Is this possible using Alexa voice control?

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77 replies

Neither Sonos nor Amazon want to support voice access to a central store of all of your music so I will probably have to look elsewhere.

It is impossible that you have forgotten the Sonos CEO recently said the exact opposite to this statement, not to mention you being corrected on this in the past. Given this history of misinformation, I can only surmise that your statements on this subject are deliberately false and misleading.

The CEO spoke of an aspiration in a PR driven interview with no specifics or timeline. In Ryan's quote above: "I don't have any specifics on if or when we might get local libraries included" note the word if. They may support it someday but they do not today and there is no indication they will in any practical timeframe that would be useful for someone looking for a solution now and certainly no way to know what the delivered features will or will not actually do. In other words vaporware.
Goalposts successfully moved. This is becoming a habit for you.

For others viewing this thread, the CEO has stated publicly that it is the intention of Sonos to support voice control of local libraries and other services not native to Alexa. Some read this as them "not wanting" to do it, you can decide for yourself who to believe, and who is giving out willful misinformation.