Sonos, Alexa and Deezer

  • 8 November 2017
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I am thinking of purchased an Amazon Alexa Dot (2nd Generation) after installing Sonos 8. I use Deezer though Sonos, therefore, does it working using Alexa. Reading and watching various items from Sonos it does not mention Deeezer.

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4 replies

You can't initiate play of music through Deezer services through an Alexa command. You can control volume, pause and things of that nature. So I'd say you won't get much useful features by adding a dot for your listening needs. That said, Dots are only $30 over the retail season, so it's not really a big investment if you are interested in the other Alexa features.
Thanks for the info Mel, I will need to look further into Alexa Dot and if the additional features are something I would use. If Deezer is not on their radar then I will watch and wait before purchasing. Thanks again for you reply.
I use my Alexa Dot to control my Sonos Play1. I also have Deezer and I set my Sonos to play my Deezer flow. I tell Alexa to "Play music on bedroom" as I named my Play 1 as a device called bedroom. It then plays my Deezer flow on my Play1. I can also tell it to raise and or lower the volume.
I am also a Deezer Elite subscriber, and am now using a stereo pair of Play: 5 Gen 2. It is nice to be able to start Deezer FLOW in the Sonos app on the Play: 5's in the LIVING ROOM, then tell Alexa to PAUSE. It also works as Postol says to essentially continue at a latter time in the LIVING ROOM.

I have a Black Friday Play: 3 coming next week for the KITCHEN. Will I be able to:

1. Start Deezer FLOW in the LIVING ROOM. (Sonos app)
2. Pause in the LIVING ROOM. (Alexa command)
3. and...CONTINUE in the KITCHEN the next morning? (Alexa Command)

I have a DOT in the kitchen and a DOT in the living room.

That would be nice until full Alexa integration with Deezer is available, if it ever happens.