Sonos, Alexa and Amazon Music

  • 28 November 2017
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Alexa on my Sonos One will not play music

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12 replies

This is not a reply, I'm obviously missing something in creating a question because I can't see a place you ask the question! Anyway to my issue: I have all PC kit, no iDevices or Androids. I have got my Sonos One working with Alexa (via my son's Android phone incidentally) and I have read that Alexa will only access services like Amazon Music and Spotify but not access local music folders. OK that's no real issue because I have an Amazon Music account and I have within that music that I have purchased and there is a wealth of music to chose from in the Amazon Music service. So I say "Alexa" and then on the 'bong', "Play Coldplay". Alexa replies "I can't find any Coldplay music". So first a question will Alexa play only from my purchased music or all the music or both. I have set up Amazon Music as a Service and Alexa is working but I can't ask Alexa to play the music. Second question is What am I missing please?
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What is your Sonos On speaker called... or what room is it in.
Also check that Amazon Music is set as the default music app in Alexa
For example try "Alexa play Coldplay from Amazon Music in the kitchen"
or just "Alexa, Play coldplay in the kitchen"

Have you also tried staring some music on your Sonos One and seeing if "Alexa, next track please" works?
Thanks for your reply
The Sonos One is called "Kitchen" - good guess!
Where do I access the Alexa App?
Tried the reference to "Kitchen" in my talks with Alexa but all she says is "I can't find any Coldplay"
Just tried your last suggestion - I started playing music from a local folder and asked Alexa to play the next track - and it did!
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You can access the Alexa app on any smartphone or tablet or even via a Web browser

Maybe Alexa doesn't like Coldplay ;)

Have you tried a Radio Station?
Thanks again for your help.
I've successfully logged onto the alexa website and it presents me with a choice: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Tap. I am guessing its Echo Dot because the description is "Hands-free access to Alexa through your speakers". I'm loathed just to try without some guidance or maybe advice that may help me make a sensible choice.
Then I guess matters of music taste are more important to Amazon alexa than their taste in platforms that are 100% compatible: being only IOS and Android and not PC - I say no more. Sonos are as bad with a poor PC front end to manage and play music with only artist search by typing in names, whereas on IOS and Android you can browse artists
Yes radio stations work fine.
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I would read through the Sonos One Alexa set up guide, it gets updated with new info:-

I have Alexa Echoes and Dots an they are slightly different in their set up to the One.
Hi again

I have been through every option on the Sonos One Alexa Set-up and followed every one but the damn thing just will not work with my Amazon Music account - it's rubbish - I am disappointed with this and all the lack of proper PC integration and a worthwhile set of applications to use Sonos from a Surface PC. Thanks for your help though.
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Whats wrong with the Sonos PC application? I actually prefer it, although on my Surface 3 some of the functions are a little too small for touch.

Back to Amazon Music and Alexa. Have you set up Amazon Music within the Sonos PC app? And can you play Coldplay from it.
Hi again - you are a glutton for punishment - but thanks for your help. The Sonos PC app has as you say very small buttons and even smaller text. The search function requires you to type in part of the artist / song etc. The IOS app has a browse artist, song etc as well as a search function.
Yes I have set-up Amazon Music in the Sonos PC app and using the Sonos app on my PC I can select any songs including Coldplay from Amazon Music without issue. It's just the Alexa bit that refuses to work
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mikeyg23: Hello there! Thanks for posting to the Community. Did you check to see if Amazon Music is set up as your default music service for Alexa? Additionally, you may find this article to be helpful when using Alexa with Sonos One.
Does Sonos Alexa support Prime Music, or just music unlimited?
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