Sonos 12.1 - “Sleep sounds” skills not working in Alexa routines?

  • 29 September 2020
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I wonder if anyone can confirm if they can get any “sleep sounds” skills working in routines since the 12.1 update? I’ve been using Rain Sounds by Sleep Jar and tried a few others by different developers

Was happy to see that Sonos now officially supports Alexa routines, but whilst I can now get Alexa to say the time/weather/various custom phrases/etc as part of a routine (without the dreaded “Audio actions are not supported...” message!), it won’t play any sleep sound skills that I’ve tried. I just get silence.

If I trigger the skill outside of a routine (eg “Alexa, open rain sounds”) it works fine.

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1 reply

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I’ve done some experimenting and this problem only seems to occur with any audio skill that doesn’t require any additional input from the user (besides “Alexa, open <skill name>”). Any audio skills that ask you questions (such as any sleep sounds skill that asks you what sort of sound you want) seem to work okay.