Sonos 1 and Alexa App (Setting Time)

  • 2 November 2017
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I have installed the Sonos 1 - when comunicating with the Sonos 1 from the Alexa App I get a "oops something went wrong message" - I assume this is why after changing the region and time settings in the app this is not updating the Sonos 1 - If I ask Alexa the time it is 8 hours out. Anyone know how to resolve this.
Everthing else appears to work - I can select music on the app and it commuicates directly with the Sonos 1 and plays the request. (Obviously you wouldnt normally do this, that's the point of Alexa (voice control) but just wanted to prove the app was talking to the speaker in some form, even though it will not update the time and region settings.
Hope someone has a solution.

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7 replies

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Hi Longland

Have you set the location for your new Sonos 1 within the Alexa app?

Select 'Settings' and then select your Sonos 1 from the list of devices. You will need to enter your location here under Device Location' which will then correctly set your local time.

Let me know if this works okay.
Yes, sorry I should have said that - the "oops" error comes up when I access the Sonos 1 from the App - I then set the region and time which stay Ok on the App but appear to not update the equipment, i assume, due to the previous error.
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Can you try setting the location and time from the website instead of through the app? You can go to or depending on region.
I have managed to get the location and therefore time ok, not sure how - however now when I ask Alexa to play a radio station, she replied and understands the command but no sound came our the speaker. Really confused as to what is going on.
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Hi If you can play the radio station via the app and only voice control is not working then I suggest you follow these commands I suggested in another post:
Thanks for your replies - I do appear to have it working now - time and region correct and it plays when asked to.
If I could tell you what I did I would but it seems there are delays in carrying out changes via the app so having done a number of things including switching off and rebooting speakers everything seems to function. As I say, if the was a specific thing that sorted it I really don't know what it was.
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Great news 🙂