Sonos 1 Alexa alarms

I have completed the alexa setup but i dont seem to be able to set an alarm or timer. In the alexa app i can see it received and understood the request but alexa then replies sorry i am having trouble with that

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I have the same problem! No idea what to do and others seem to have this working? Did you figure anything out Barhud?
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Hi guys, are you trying to set a timer on the Sonos One? If so, the command "Alexa, set a ____ timer" should do it.

The same should work with the alarm.

If it's not working, can you check your date and time settings in the Alexa app?

What do you get if you ask Alexa the time? Is it correct?
It magically started working for me. Weird, but very convenient :)
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bastiaant wrote:

It magically started working for me. Weird, but very convenient :)

I didn't do anything, but I'll take the win :)
I have this same issue. Time is correct. Any ideas?
Same issue and my time is correct!
Same here. Time and date set, all other skills working but if I ask to set an alarm or timer, it says it's doing it but immediately follows with 'having a problem doing that'. Very frustrating as no clues why
Think I may have found the answer for people struggling with this like I was! I had checked the Alexa app and all was set up correctly and had checked the device could be seen by both Alexa and Sonos. Still could not get a timer or alarm to set.

Then I had a surf around the Sonos app and went in to Settings and then Date and Time Settings. IT was in here that I discovered no time was set. Chose my options to set this up and hey presto, Alexa could set timers and alarms immediately!!

Hope this does it for everyone with the same issue.
Thanks @malcjpearson! This is exactly what was driving me crazy! In addition, on my iPhone the Date and Time Settings have to be set manually. If I have Set Time from Internet toggled on, the time is not actually set.
Anyone find a way ...I use the sonos app to set alarm...The alarm goes off but I can't find any Alexa command to turn off the sonos set alarm. My first alarm is just a simple chime but my second alarm an hour later is to a radio station in sonos. Yea two people getting up at different times. Thanks for your thoughts..muchly appreciated...I have a sonos one with Alexa...I'm trying not to have to retrain my wife to using Alexa app for took me long enough to get her familiar to sonos app.

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