Solution to using Sonos, Alexa and Smart Bulbs in a Room all with the same name

  • 5 October 2017
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As has been noted, there are issues when you have Sonos speakers with the same name as either your Echo devices, or other smart devices - essentially Alexa doesn't seem to understand where/how to route the query.

However ...

If you create a Device Group in Alexa called, for example "Office"
You add your smart bulb called "Office" to that Device Group
You have your Sonos speaker(s) in that room called "Office"
And you have your Alexa named something differend "Office Alexa", for example

Then it appears that Alexa can correctly route your requests.

"Alexa, Turn the office light on" works
"Alexa, Play Katy Perry in the office" works - and so on.

It doesn't seem the 'official' way, which is to name everything differently, but I've been running with this setup throughout the Beta without issues; initially by mistake, and then intentionally as I found it solved my issues.

One final note, you may need to remove or rename your smart devices to create the Device Group. For some reason you can't create a group called the same as your smart devices, but it's fine if you have the group created and then Discover the devices later.

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3 replies

Thanks! Been trying to figure out the best way to do this, works great! Except on the sonos one...
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I personally would still recommend using the naming convention Room Name + Device Type to keep the names unique. e.g Office Sonos, Office Light, this leaves the group name 'Office' free (Note: The Sonos One doesn't support Alexa groups)
The thing I like about cah’s method though is that you don’t have to say an extra word. You can say play music in kitchen, or turn on kitchen (for lights). But if you have the device name after the room name, you would have to make sure to say the device name after the room name otherwise Alexa would say “a few things share that name”