Skill Blueprints (custom skills) don't work

Amazon recently released the ability to create custom Alexa skills through .
When I try them on my Sonos One, Alexa says "Audio actions are currently not supported on this device." This may be something that requires a Sonos firmware update to enable. Anybody else experiencing this?

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Hi there, NateHowe. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. The team is aware of the issue with audio skills and Sonos One and actively working on a solution. For more information check out this topic I replied to in January.

Thanks again for reaching out about this and be sure to keep up to date on Sonos Controller updates.
Has there since been an update to allow alexa blueprint custom skills to work on sonos one yet?
Any news on this, folks? I've just tried my own Q&A using Blueprints. When I ask Alexa the question, I get the same error message as above, and then my answer! That's not a great user experience.
Same issue as @babydinosaur... I set the blue print in the app it said updated... so I go to test on my sonos one... first time it responds with error message then my answer... then I edited my skill once more and it just stopped working entirely. It said “sorry I don’t know that”


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