Setting timers using Alexa + Pair of Sonos Ones in Stereo

  • 3 January 2018
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My setup in the kitchen is I have a pair of Sonos One's in stereo sitting ontop of a welsh dresser at the back of the kitchen. Overall using Alexa works great on these as I can see from their lights that both initially fire up, but then one Sonos One takes over and processes the command. I've had no issues with doing most commands but my problems is this;
  • Asking Alexa to set a timer
I ask Alexa to set a timer for 5 minutes. I then ask Alexa how long left on the timer, and it depends totally as to where I'm standing as to which speaker picks up, but sometimes I get the response "No timers set" (from the One that didn't process the command) and sometimes 4.30 remaining (which is correct response).

Its a bit of a pain but involves me trying one speaker and then the other till i get the response. The easiest fix would be to turn the microphone off on one speaker, so that all my timers are processed through one speaker only, but I can't seem to find that setting.

Anyone else had similar issue or know a workaround?

Best answer by hop3y 3 January 2018, 11:43

There is a button on the top of the speaker (it would be 12 on a clock) to turn off the microphone. I'd just turn one off.
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4 replies

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There is a button on the top of the speaker (it would be 12 on a clock) to turn off the microphone. I'd just turn one off.
That was the simple answer I was looking for. Thanks. Never spotted that as speakers are above head height.
I have exactly the same issue, however I actually want both microphones on. The reason is depending on where you are standing only one of the One's will ever pick up a voice command. If you stand in another part, only the other One will ever hear the command. (It's not the nearest that's responding - I have tested this - due to the shape and a wall and the location of the speakers Alexa just cant hear you.)

Could Sonos / Amazon make any Sonos One that is in a stereo pair respond to a timer or alarm that was set on either of them. Sure there are other commands that would benefit from this too.
Agree completely with Andy. This timer issue is my only complaint with my Somos One pair. They are by my kitchen also so I use the timer commands a lot. Short term I turned one mike off but not an ideal solution.

Someone had suggested having separate wake words for a stereo pair of Sonos Ones - but not a good solution. That would not be user friendly to remember which speaker has what wake word. The solution is on a stereo pair is to have the timers, reminders and alarms (at least the timers) synced in the pair so you can stop or cancel a timer on either stereo pair so you don’t need to walk back and forth between the speakers