S2 upgrade, is it worth it and Alexa enabled?

  • 18 January 2021
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Hi, I've got a system both s1 and s2 compatible. I'm wondering whether I should upgrade? My system is as follows:


Bedroom: Play5 (1st gen) (not S2 compatible) 

Living room: playbar + 2x sonos one (2nd gen) - this is set up as surround 5.0 for my TV

Sonos boost - to create separate network for all sonos products 



Now my question is:

1) what are my benefits to upgrade to S2 for living room which is S2 applicable and keeping bedroom as S1.


2)Also is it possible to setup Alexa in living room on sonos one, when the system is set up as surround. This is not possible for S1 and I wasn't able to find an answer if that's possible for S2



Thank you in advance for your help 

1 reply

The advantages are very few.  I would stay on S1 if i were you.

Alexa can be set up on S1, including on surround speakers.  Where did you get the idea that it can’t be?