S1 App and Alexa

  • 29 June 2020
  • 2 replies

I updated my system with the S1 App as I have an old Play 5  and now none of the Alexa Voice controls work.. Help

2 replies

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If you open the Alexa App and select Settings>Device Settings can you see your Play:5 listed?

What specific controls are you using?

Can you open the Alexa App>Settings>Skills>Your Skills and Disable then Enable the Sonos Skill and retest.

I have this same issue...after going S1, Alexa says the unit is offline when I ask to play music. I can see the unit from the Alexa app, and I can use the Sonos app directly to send music, however, Alexa cannot command my Connect:Amo after moving to S1. All my S2 stuff works fine.