Renamed a room, SonosOne won't play to it

  • 5 March 2018
  • 2 replies

Hello all. I've renamed one of my rooms from "Office" to "Dungeon" because that was going to be more fun. I did the renaming via the Sonos app. But the new name appears both on the Sonos and Alexa applications, so it seems everyone knows about the new name.

However, when I ask Alexa (via the SonosOne) to Play Artist in Dungeon, she has no luck. She keeps telling me she cannot find a song called "in the dungeon" or "in dungeon" by that artist. (I checked the same request in other rooms and there is no problem with understanding my meaning.)

But! When I start music in the Dungeon on Sonos app and then ask Alexa wha is playing in the Dungeon, she has no problem telling me that information.

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2 replies

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Have you selected Alexa App>Smart Home>Discover?
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Or you can give the command "Alexa, Discover devices"... though I think renaming a Sonos device automatically kicks that process off, because Alexa told me she didn't find any new smart home devices... and when I opened the app to check, it already had my renamed room listed.

HOWEVER... I tried the same thing you did... renamed a zone to Dungeon... and I couldn't get it to play anything to that zone through Alexa. Whatever I was requesting be played always played on the device the request went through, not to the zone I asked for.