Register Speakers setting up Alexa Sonos Skill

  • 29 November 2019
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All, hit a problem today controlling Sonos through the Alexa App and Echo Dot… was all working fine until today when it just stopped. I have tried loads of things that were recommended on multiple threads with no joy….. so I decided to start from scratch.

I set up all my Sonos again, from fresh… all these are working now and function correctly through the Sonos App… well I say working… teh Sonos App will only connect when I am in teh same room as my Play 5 (first speaker to be set up)…. it used to only work when I was next to my router… SKQQ router with a SKQ main receiver and 2 mini boxes.

I then go onto Alexa App and try to enable the Sonos Skill…. it takes we to and asks me to sign into my sonos account. I do this and then I get a message to ‘Register my speakers’… go to Sonos app - More>settings>account settings. My speakers are all shown in ‘systems’…


I hit ‘I’ve fixed this’ but it takes me straight back to sonos signin on…. and then just loops around this forever


I updated the sonos app but still no joy… checked that my sonos were not already in teh alexa app.. no joy



2 replies

I have same problem here!

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Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the late response. If you are still at the screen where it tells you to register your speakers go to more options to submit a diagnostic report and reply back with confirmation number so can take a peek of your issues.