Re-adding Alexa To Sonos Beam

  • 6 August 2018
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Hi Sonos Community -

I recently purchased two Sonos Beams and am liking them a lot, but my house is becoming overwhelmed with Alexa devices. I had opted to turn the Alexa integration off on these two beams through the room settings, but now the ability to add it back is completely gone.

I'm thinking of just changing the wake word on my other devices, so I'd like to add Alexa back on both of my Beams if it's possible - but I don't know how! Any recommendations?

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I figured it out. I had to do the Reset Controller option and upon relaunching, it walked me though the Alexa setup process in each room with a Beam.
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8 replies

Not exactly sure what you did to remove Alexa integration. Did you previously remove the Sonos skill from Alexa? If so, you need to re-enable that.

You may have turned of the mics on the beams. If that's the case, you'll need to turn those back on. If so, you can do that through the app or on the device itself by pressing the microphone icon (little light will come on).

I think there is also a setting in the Sonos app to select which voice assistant to use, but I doubt you messed with that, and I'm not even sure you can turn it off.

In the future, I wouldn't turn off Alexa integration if there are too many alexas in the house. Just turn off the mics.
I did it through each room's settings in the Sonos controller app. The top field held the Alexa portion, where you could either change or remove your account. When I removed it from the first one, the option to "Re-add Alexa" was still there. When I removed it off of the second, that field is now gone from both groups.
I would try removing and reading the Sonos skill in Alexa.
Just got home from work and tried this - no luck. The Alexa portion used to be up at the very top but is completely gone since removing it.

I figured it out. I had to do the Reset Controller option and upon relaunching, it walked me though the Alexa setup process in each room with a Beam.
Is Reset Controller the same as Factory Reset? I can’t find details on “Sonos beam reset controller” when I google and search the Sonos support.
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Hi, JohnAndMags. No, those are not the same thing. Reset controller breaks the connection between your controller and system (if there is one), then restarts the controller. If your controller is not connected, it simply closes and reopens the application so that a fresh connection can be made. A factory reset, on the other hand, actually wipes all information from the speaker itself. This can only be performed by physically manipulating the speaker; by plugging it in whilst holding down the connection button(s). We don't actually recommend the latter for the majority of troubleshooting instances. What is it you are trying to accomplish at the moment?
I have the same issue as the OP.
Alexa stopped working on the Beam.
Following the proposed fix (above) I removed Alexa from the Beam using the sonos app.
Now can’t re-add without doing “reset controller” but I can’t find a process for “reset controller”

I have:
1x Bridge
2x Play:1
1x Play:3
1x Beam

All sonos devices are separate, ie the Play:1 is not linked to the Beam etc

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