Problema Sonos One Alexa.

  • 23 January 2021
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Buongiorno. Dopo aver cambiato le impostazioni di rete in casa, quando do un comando al sonos one 2gen con assistente vocale Alexa, il diffusore risponde che attivera la musica. Ma la musica non parte. Prima del cambiamento funzionava tutto bene. Ho fatto anche reset totale del sonos ma ancora non va

3 replies

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Hi @Bulga.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for bringing this to our attention and for going the extra mile of starting with some basic troubleshooting steps. Allow me to help you by sharing some information.

Allow me to recommend the following guides and please do follow accordingly.

  1. Check the might status on your Sonos beam make sure it has a solid white light and not solid green light, Solid green light means it is on mute.
  2. Check microphone status. above the microphone logo on top of the beam, there should be a little white dot light and it should show a steady solid white light. If it has no white light, means the microphone is turned off.
  3. Log out of ALL Amazon-related apps which are and not limited to the following. (Amazon Prime, Amazon Shopping, Amazon Alexa, etc.) 
  4. Open the Amazon Alexa app and disable the Sonos Skill.
  5. De-register any Sonos product on the Alexa App.
  6. Open the Sonos App.
  7. Remove the Alexa Voice service.
  8. Force close Sonos app.
  9. Force close the Alexa App.
  10. Reopen the Sonos App. Add Alexa as a voice service.
  11. Open Alexa app Add Sonos as skill
  12. Register Sonos speaker
  13. Add music service.
  14. Test to check if it works.
  15. Submit a diagnostic to capture all information performed on the Sonos devices.

Please let me know how it goes and keep us posted here in the community.


Purtroppo non ho risolto. Dico ... Alexa riproduci Eminem.... Alexa risponde ...riproduco Eminem da Eminem radio di Spotify. Ma non parte niente

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Hi @Bulga.

Thanks for the update and immediate response.

From this point, I would recommend contacting our technical support team for more in-depth troubleshooting steps. It is best to contact our technical support team so they can dig deeper and find out what would be the better step to take and what is causing the issue. I would also like to suggest submitting a diagnostic after 3-5 minutes of the issue happening so we can check if there are any wireless interference that might be causing this issue as well.

Please let me know how it goes and keep me posted.