Potential Workaround for “Audio actions in routines are not currently supported on this device”

  • 25 November 2018
  • 1 reply

I have a Sonos One and a Beam that control hue lights, ecobee, harmony hub, etc. I got tired of hearing that phrase when I use my “Good Night” routine or routines involving my harmony hub (such as saying “Netflix” instead of “Turn on Netflix”) so I started experimenting. Routines work fine with specific device control but introducing a scene or group results in the “Audio actions blah blah blah” message.

I found that if you use Yonomi to create the scene, then create the routine in Alexa and call the Yonomi scene, that it works without the message.

So creating a routine in the Alexa app that directly calls the harmony hub scene “Netflix” will result in “Audio actions . . .”
But creating a routine in the Alexa app that calls the Yonomi scene that calls the harmony hub scene “Netflix” works without the “Audio actions . . .” message.

I have no idea why but I found this after a few hours of testing and thought I’d share.

1 reply

Yonomi doesn’t work with hive however :(

Is Yonomi capable of going the Alexa usual suspects (traffic, flash briefing etc?) I have attached my morning routine I would like to have without listening to the “audio actions not supported shpiel”


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