Please revisit the Amazon Music availability in Canada

  • 30 July 2018
  • 8 replies

I heard the Amazon music was going to Sonos in early 2018. However, here we are past the mid point. Anything we can do to speed this up. We can have Amazon Alexa but not Amazon Music?

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8 replies

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With amazon unlimited music now available in Canada - what’s the hold up with Sonos to add this source to Sonos??

Using it through Alexa isn’t a good enough solution.
Still waiting. hard to believe it takes this long. Last spring it was no MLB. and now Amazon unlimited.
Same here, have sonos:1s, want prime music, can't use what i pay for, don't like alexa
Same here, can you provide an update about this?
Why can’t we add Amazon music to Sonos in Canada
Still waiting.
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What do Amazon say when you ask them? After all, it is their decision which geos are supported, Sonos just flip the bit in the database when told to.