Playing a Group via Alexa followed by playing on an individual room

  • 3 February 2022
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I have 5 Sonos rooms and have these grouped in various ways both in the Sonos app and Alexa. I’m having issues where I’ve asked Alexa to play on a particular group then either immediately after or sometime later ask Alexa to play on a single room within that group, where it then plays on that whole group again

As an example:

I ask Alexa: “Play music in the kitchen”, music will play on the Play:1 in the kitchen as expected.

I then ask her to stop playing in the kitchen and a few hours later ask Alexa: “Play music downstairs”. It play music on the devices in the Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room as expected.

I again ask her to stop playing Downstairs. A few hours later, I ask Alexa “Play music in the Dining Room” and it then plays music in the Living Room and Kitchen as well as the Dining Room (but not the devices I have upstairs), i.e. on the Downstairs group. If I ask her to play in a room that isn’t in that group, it is fine, so if I ask to play in the Bedroom, it only plays in the Bedroom, so it is only where the room is also in that same group.

The only way I can then ‘reset’ this is by going into the Sonos app and unticking Living Room and Kitchen. The same happens if I ask to play on any other group.

Any ideas?

Edit: I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling the Sonos skill in the Alexa app with no success.


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2 replies

I think this may possibly be ‘by design’ because in your chosen example, you have the ‘Dining Room’ grouped already, Alexa probably thinks you don’t want to ungroup it, but I think you may be able to ungroup the other rooms by asking Alexa to stop the music in the ‘Kitchen’ and the ‘Living room’. You might need to stop those separately, but your Dining room should (hopefully) continue with the playback. 

Perhaps see if that works for you - it will at least save you having to go to the Sonos App to break the rooms apart.

Ken is absolutely correct. This is just how it is expected to be. It's just a matter of understanding how Alexa and Sonos interact. The only way for Alexa to play on several Sonos speakers is for Sonos to group them. Once Sonos speakers are grouped they stay grouped until you ungroup them.  And if you play music on a Sonos speaker when it's grouped with other speakers, they will play too.