Play5 + Echo Dot = No Sound

  • 27 February 2023
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My house is a mix of beams and I also have a sonos one and play5. I use Alexa on only one device, the Sonos one, in the garage. I wanted to replace my Amazon echo studio in the kitchen with a play5 so I could airplay, but my wife is so used to the studio I thought “connect a dot to it, and it will be like the studio.”

 So far, not so much. The dot is hard wired to the play5. I want to just be able to say, “Alexa, play blah on Spotify” and have it work. No sound comes out. Not out of the echo, nor out of the play5. If I unplug the echo, it comes out of its own speaker, but it’s not playing where I want it to. 

I feel stupid. Hopefully someone has some wisdom for me. I just want my music, and AirPlay. 


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2 replies

I would not wire the echo dot to your Play:5 - I assume you have the Sonos Skill installed in the Alexa App as you are using Alexa on your Sonos One.

Just create an Alexa ‘enabled’ Group in your Amazon Alexa App  (see screenshot attached, which is just an example of such a group). Add the echo dot to the first ‘controlling’ section of the group and add your Play:5 speaker/room to both the second section of the group for audio ‘ducking’ purposes and to the third ‘speaker’ section of the group for playback.

When the group is correctly setup simply control audio playback on your Play:5 in the same way as you do with Alexa and your Sonos One. You don’t need to wire the Sonos speaker to the echo dot at all, it will all work without the cable connection between the two devices.

This worked -- thank you!