Play Amazon playlists?

  • 16 October 2017
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I've read all the Alexa sample commands (they're all for playing music genres) but see nothing specific for playing a playlist I created on Amazon, is this possible? How about a specific artist or song?

Best answer by jgatie 16 October 2017, 21:49

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1 reply

"Alexa, play playlist (playlist name) on (room name)"

"Alexa, play (artist name) on (room name)"

"Alexa, play track (song name) by (artist name) on (room name)"

"Alexa, play album (album name) by (artist name) on (room name)"

Note you can sometimes skip the "album", "track", "playlist" or (artist name) specifiers, but if they are ambiguous, the results may not be what you want (As I found out when I asked her to play "Romeo's Tune" and got the version by Keith Urban instead of the original by Keith Forbert).

You can also ask her to "shuffle" instead of play, and she will shuffle the results.