Play 5 and Echo dot volume issues

  • 7 October 2017
  • 3 replies

After the latest update, the volume on my play 5 has changed with my echo dot. It use to be too loud when the dot was turned up all the way, my line in was boosted to 10, and I was half way up on the sonos volume. Now the audio from the dot is noticeably quieter, and changes randomly, quieter, then back to set volume. Has anyone else had a similar issue here?

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3 replies

I have had the same problem, Just updated both the sonos software and alexa on Oct 7 2017, to use the streaming to sonos beta, and my connected echo dot (connected directly to my play 5) is having all kinds of volume problems.. basically unusable.. If I tell it 'Alexa volume 8' before anything, I can hear it.. but then randomly in the middle of playing it will screw up the volume.
found the answer
Good find! That seems to be it, since as soon as u disbled the skill, it worked like normal. Guess I will try again in a few weeks and see if it is any better.