Philips Hue Bluetooth Lights and Beam without Philips Hue Bridge

  • 2 January 2020
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I bought Philips Hue Bluetooth lights to use with Alexa on the Sonos Beam. The lights were advertised as not requiring a Philips Bridge/Hub. However, every step of the way to try to set them up, I’m asked to link with a Bridge/Hub. I can control the lights from the Philips App, but Alexa on the Beam can’t locate the lights. Am I doing something wrong or is Alexa on the Beam not yet supported to control these Bluetooth lights without a Philips Bridge/Hub installed?


Thanks very much!

3 replies

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Taking a quick look at the lights you’re referring to, it looks like you can set them up in 2 different ways.  In bluetooth mode, you can only control from other bluetooth devices, like you phone and Phillips app. You can’t conect to Alexa in this mode.  In zigbee mode, you’ll need the hue hub, and then you’ll be able to setup with Alexa.


My personal opinion, but Phillips are overpriced for my tastes.  I much prefer  wifi based smart products.  I currently use LIFX bulbs and am liking Govee products too.  All can connect with Alexa without any hubs and for cheaper than than Phillips.

Thanks for the reply Danny. I think you’re right, the lights are advertised to work with Bluetooth and the Philips App but this doesn’t include functionality with Alexa without a hub of some sort. Thanks very much! I think if I had an Amazon Echo or Echo Plus it would work as there is a built-in hub, but this doesn’t exist in the Beam.





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While the Echo Plus does have zigbee (other echos do not) it does not specifically say you can use Phillips lights without the Phillips hub.      Looks like you can get the Phillips hub for around $60 (or cheaper as part of a package)