Okay to Keep Sonos Amp and Sonos Five Always On?

  • 21 March 2022
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A couple of questions re setting up the Sonos system to be able to automatically respond upon a voice request to play:

  1. Is it OK to keep Sonos Amp and Sonos Five always on, so that a request via Alexa to associated Amazon Echo to play something on the Sonos equipment (Alexa Group) can be initiated at any time? Or do you typically turn the equipment on each day just prior to asking for something to play? (Amazon Echo is kept on.)
  2. Does Sonos Amp and Sonos Five go to sleep after a time of not playing and do they automatically awake when the Alexa command is given to the associated Echo for them to play? (This, to save energy and potentially not overheat internal components vs the always full on state.)

Thank you in advance.


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2 replies

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The Amp and Five are designed to stay powered on at all times. If the Amp or Five doesn’t detect an audio signal after 3 minutes, it will go into idle mode and use minimal electricity. The only way to fully power off the Amp and Five is to unplug them from power.

When in idle mode, the Amp and Five will automatically awake when an Alexa command is given to play audio to either device.

Read more about Sonos power consumption while idle here:

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Thanks GuitarSuperstar.

That is great to hear.

Appreciate your full and rapid response to my inquiry.