No longer able to play Audible Books over Sonos via Alexa request

  • 15 July 2019
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-This worked up until a couple of months ago.
-An Alexa request now results in the Audible Book being played on the echo/dot but not on sonos
-Audible books play over sonos perfectly using Sonos Apps.
-I've logged out of Audible/Amazon, Alexa app and logged back in using same credentials.
-I've deleted all the devices from the Alexa app, disabled and re-enabled the sonos skill, re-discovered devices - no change in problem.
-I just spoke to Sonos tech support - they tell me that if an alexa request to play Audible Books over sonos
doesn't work, then I need to contact Amazon because Sonos only supports playing music.

I am skeptical.
If true, then I'm disappointed in Sonos. If It's not true, then I'm disappointed in Sonos support
Here's an excerpt from Sonos' website:

"..... Use Alexa to control Amazon Music, Apple Music, Audible, Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and SiriusXM. Set a default music service to shorten commands....."

Any insight and guidance would be greatly appreciated

5 replies

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I wonder if this is an issue with the use of the Preferred Speaker. Have you tried adding the Sonos Room Name to the end of the command?
indeey, I’ve tried specifying the room name as part of the request. Tried all zones, each with its Alexa device.
Response is consistent- plays audible book on Alexa device but not on Sonos.
I also deleted a zone, separating the alexa device from the Sonos speaker and retried requesting an audible book while specifying the room name. Same result. book plays on Alexa device, but not Sonos.
i appreciate your troubleshooting tip as it spurs me to try new approaches.

Im having the exact same issue, was working about 3 weeks ago then ceased working. Sonos please acknowledge this issue and work with Amazon on a resolution
Following because I am having the same issue

I have the same issue.

Just set up my Amazon Echo Show 5th gen with Sonos. It recognizes Spotify, but not Audible. I’ve tried many command combinations, but it insists on playing Audible over the Echo’s speaker.

This is one of the main reasons I bought an Amazon Echo, very disappointing.