Newest Ecobee has Alexa calling, drop in, etc.

  • 4 June 2019
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The newest Ecobee thermostat claims to have Alexa calling, messaging and drop-in. Has Amazon opened these features for third-part products? If so, I hope we will see these added to the Sonos products supporting Alexa.

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Apparently announcements are now available for third-party devices using AVS.

Since Sonos doesn't really confirm (most of the time) on what they are working, I wouldn't get my hopes to high. However, the article is from May 24, 2019 so the feature is still pretty new.
Sonos also doesn't seem to want to use Alexa Multi-room (a feature many in the community want) which has also been available for third-party devices using AVS for about 5 months.