New sonos one with alexa won't connect to Amazon or Iheart

  • 21 October 2017
  • 9 replies

Got the Sonos speaker with Alexa and everything set up fine except for when I go to add music services from Amazon or iHeartRadio it will not connect .Each screen goes through successfully and it said it worked but when I go back to the sonos app it says there is a communication error and it could not be set up .anyone else having this problem?

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9 replies

I am having the same issue connecting to Amazon music as well as no sound playing when asking Alexa commands. PLEASE HELP FIX!
Im also having the exact same problem ????
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What platform are no using the app on: iOS, Android, PC?

Please try on another platform and see if you get the same results and let us know.
Im using ni e on a android
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Are you logged onto any other Amazon app on your phone with perhaps a different account? Try again after logging out of all Amazon apps and please retest.
Hi just tried this and reset my phone still doing the exact same thing could it be a faultt speaker ? As it cuts songs off turns off mid playing songs from my phones playlist ?
Same issue, I think. Alexa on Sonos One plays most but not all music on Amazon. Annoying. Songs that don't play show on the Alea app and the Sonos app but no sound. Same non-playing songs do play fine if played through the Sonos app playing Amazon library. Seems like an Alexa disconnect Amazon says it's a Sonos issue not Amazon. Thoughts?
Also I'm pretty much ready to just return the Sonos One too many problems
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To reset your Sonos 1 Voice Control, please follow the steps I've listed in the Answer within this post: