Napster with Alexa

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Another vote for adding Napster. Thanks!
I, too, am not a Spotify lemming and would like Napster supported.
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Napster please
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People still use Napster?
People still use Napster?
Er Yes!
Please add Napster to Alexa.
Another plus vote for adding Napster support
+1 more for napster
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For those that want napster support through Alexa controls, it's probably a good idea to talk with Amazon about it as well.
As a Sonos and Napster user for 10 years (I seem to recall Sonos recommended Napster as best fit back then) I’d like to add my vote too. It would be a real pain to switch to a new streaming service and lose all those playlists!
+1 Napster
Using Napster for many years with Sonos, need Napster Support for Alexa too!
If Alexa works with NAPSTER.... I will buy it.
Me too for Napster please.
Echo dot purchased via sonos offer, returned after 20 minutes after finding no napster support. Poor promotion by sonos.
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I'm waiting on Napster Alexa support before I buy any more Sonos hardware, so please add it soon.
Not at launch. You can use Alexa to start playing from Amazon Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, TuneIn Radio, and we’re working to bring Spotify controls in the future too. I'll add your interest as a request to the team for Napster support in the future.
I definitely want Napster to be available as I much prefer it to Spotify (and its cheaper):
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As Napster was one of the first music services with Sonos it should really be one of the first that can connect to Alexa. Please add me as another for the Napster wish list
Another vote for Napster from long time Sonos user
I use Napster as well and would like it added please.
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Napster please 🙂
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Another napster vote for me. I joined napster when i bought my first sonos speaker, it was recomended by sonos. Wonder how many other people signed up to napster upon this recommendation. Seems like we have been forgotten. Poor showing sonos.
Yet another vote for Napster, pretty please
Another vote for Napster support from a very long term Napster/Sonos user