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  • 5 October 2017
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Is the music quality the same when requesting music through an Amazon Echo to Sonos as it is playing directly from the Sonos App? I assume that the Echo simply passes off the instruction and gets out of the way when the Sonos speakers start playing. The sound seems the same but ive only tried for a few minutes. (It's pretty cool!)

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7 replies

I think you are correct....sort of. The sound quality is limited to the music sources available to Amazon. So say you have a track in your personal library that's of very high quality. You can't request that through Alexa. You'd have to use the lower quality version in your Amazon prime/unlimited streaming account.

To be clear, you can request the personal library track through Sonos, then control it through Alexa, you just can't request it through Alexa.

For me personally, I am find with the quality of the services I can request through Alexa. It's not a big deal for me, but will be for others.
I was listening to music through a line in connection from my Echo Dot to a Play 5, which added a layer of electronics, limited buy the Echo's own sound quality. It was ok, but it seemed (to me) that when I connected the speaker using the Sonos App, going 'directly' to the Amazon music stream that the sound was better.
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I believe the echo works just like Sonos controller and sends commands to have the Sonos speaker pull the sing direct from network (not like a Bluetooth processing through the echo). Should be same sound quality as if you used controller.
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Chris is correct, the Echo will not be delivering the audio stream. It'll come straight into the Sonos device as always.
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One thing to note is that Amazon unlimited does not have gapless playback — kinda screws up most Pink Floyd albums. It seems there are many many caveats with Alexa integration. I might turn it off and go back to Deezer 😞
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It seems there are many many caveats with Alexa integration. I might turn it off and go back to Deezer :(

It is a beta release.

You wouldn't have to turn it off. You can still use the app the same ways you always could, and when it makes sense to use voice control that's available too.
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Sure, yes your right of course. Just to clarify, what I didn’t make clear is that Voice only really makes sense with a streaming service (yes you can pause / skip, but that isn’t the big deal!,). Here in the UK at least Amazon unlimited is the only one that currently works, and Amazon unlimited is the only one I’ve used that doesn’t have gapless playback. Not Sonos’ fault of course but Just something to note before others cancel their Deezer accounts like I did!