Multiple music streams when using Alexa

  • 8 December 2020
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I’m sure this has been around for a while but I can’t find an uptodate answer….

If I use the Sonos app I can play 3 different Amazon music streams in 3 sonos zones. But if I use voice command to ask the Sonos ONE with Alexa to play some music then try to play Amazon music in another Sonos zone (Using the app) I get a message saying that Amazon Music is being used by another device. 

I’m pretty sure the Amazon accounts dealing with Alexa and Amazon Music on Sonos are the same.

Why does the voice command limit the stream? Is it because you can’t use the same amazon music account on Alexa and Sonos at the same time?
Maybe it needs to be a family account?
Maybe I need 2 Amazon music accounts?
Apparently there is a work around but I haven’t found it yet. 


Many thanks 

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It's the same with Spotify, no work around as yet.