Move 2 Does Not Appear as Alexa-Enabled Device

  • 18 January 2024
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TLDR: A new Move 2 that I believe is properly configured on the same Alexa account as all my other Sonos and Alexa devices is not appearing as an Alexa-Enabled device in the Alexa app. I am trying to add the Move 2 to an Alexa ‘group’ so that I can say “turn on the lights” and it will know where it is but can’t the device doesn’t show up.



I have an environment with many Sonos devices, several of which are Alexa-enabled (Moves, Ones, Roam and the new Move 2). All are properly configured and work perfectly in the Sonos app. All work properly with Alexa. On this new Move 2, I have Alexa enabled and it works perfectly.

I have added the Move 2 as a “speaker” to the group, “Office.” When I say, “Alexa, play music in the Office,” it works. I have other smart devices in the group “Office” and would like to control them with this Move 2 by saying “Alexa, turn on the lights.” To do that, I need to edit the group and add the Move 2 as an Alexa-enabled device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear in the list (we’ve already ascertained that Alexa is enabled on the Move 2 and that it works).

In the Alexa app, the Move 2 shows up twice in my list of devices. Once as a speaker and once with a “wifi in a circle” icon that I don’t recognize with certainty, but that I believe to be an Alexa-enabled device icon. If I tap that item, I can configure the Alexa behavior (chime, follow-up mode, etc.).

In my Office group, I can see one device in lights, the Move 2 under Speakers but no Alexa section. If I edit the group, the list of Alexa-enabled devices does not contain my Move 2. The Move 2 one appears in the Devices section, and it is checked.

What do I need to do to get the Move 2 to appear in the Alexa-enabled devices section so I can add it to the group?


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I believe this has been answered in Has anyone successfully added Move 2 to a group in Alexa app?. Answer, from Corry P is:

You have done nothing incorrectly, so there’s no need for you to keep trying various steps - I don’t think anything you can do will help here. We’re going to get in touch with Amazon to see what can be done about this from their end of things - I believe they just need to add the model descriptor to their list of valid devices. It’s possible they are still testing.