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I recently changed my Internet so had to change everything over on my sonos system, before this I used my amazon alexa to control my play 5 but my sonos one and sonos move were voice activated with built in Alexa, since I switched my internet and tried to set up again I have messed up the built in alexa function on both my move and my sonos one. I know it's down to me but I just have no idea how to fix this.

I rang customer service and waited in a queue for 75 minutes then spoke to a customer support agent who didn't have a clue how to fix this for the 80 minutes he was on the phone and then to cap it all off the phone went off and I missed his call back.

Ive tried the obvious one to me of touching the mic button but nothing happens.

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me resolve this 


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Have a look here:


These mic buttons or voice activation will still not work on my devices.

Is there a way to remove all my devices from the sonos app and start again adding them from scratch

I'm really struggling to understand what to do for the best here

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I get that you are frustrated, but you obviously have not searched for solutions. There are many articles on the Sonos support site, like the link in my first response, that will help you get connected. 

Here is the link to resetting your speakers:


I would also suggest you reset your app and start fresh.

Thanks for your reply and thanks for trying to help me. I try my best but am not very clued up on these things and don't really understand it all, I just know that when I first got the move and the sonos one they both listened to me but now when I ask they don't even reply and when I touch the mic buttons nothing happens

I actually think I must have married sonos because when I married my wife she actually used to listen to me and reply to my questions and now she is the same as my sonos system

I've now got all my speaker up and running and linked on my system but still not managed to activate the mic button on my move or sonos one

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When you go to Settings / Manage / Voice assistants, is everything set up there as it should be?

Also, when you go to Settings, then select each Room/speaker, and scroll right down to Voice, is the voice assistant showing there? 

And importantly, when you go to Settings, then select the room, then the Product (name of your speaker), is Microphone showing as On?

I will check all these when I get chance. 

Thanks for your advice I will let you know .

Thanks for all the advice I was given, this was much appreciated. 

Rhonny Thank you for your help and the way you put it across made it so simple for me.

Job done within 2 minutes 

Thank you. Thank you .